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Herald of the Fairies Chapter 12
Ch 12: Phantom Strikes
It had been a couple of days since Hiro and Cana had formed their new team; they have done a couple of successful jobs together as their new team. Not to mention with Hiro helping Cana train Peach, she was to learn a few new moves like Agility, Quick Attack and replacing Thundershock with Shock Wave to Cana's Pikachu's attacks and also Denki was usually Peach's sparring partner as a way to not her feelings for Denki be a distraction in a fight while on a job request. Not to mention that Cana joined Hiro with his training to help her out if she were to run lower on magic that she would be able to fight in hand to hand combat as they were a team and figured it would be a good way to work together more as well with Hiro and the Pokemon being target practice for Cana and her Card Magic.
Late one night, Hiro was heading back home after a very long evening training with his Pokemon and with Cana and Peach as he offered to walk Cana back to Fairy Hills as a way f
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 2 4
Team Before Training for Blue and Red by Dracoknight545 Team Before Training for Blue and Red :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 1 2
Mature content
Herald of The Fairies Chapter 11 :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 2 4
Herald of the Fairies Chapter 10
Ch 10: The Demon Rises, New Bounds are made
Meanwhile back in Magnolia, Cana Alberona was still following the Pikachu that she saw earlier in the day as she traverse through the local market place of Magnolia and looking high and tail for the wild Pikachu that seemed to be injured from fending off the local stray cats.
"Now where could that Pikachu be?" Cana asked herself as she took a swig from a liquor bottle that she got from the local bar near the market place while she looked around
Soon a voice called out her name, "Cana, what are you doing here"
Cana turned around and saw that it was Mira had called her out as she had a couple of bags of produce in her hands, "Hey Mira" Cana said greeting her friend and alcohol supplier
"Cana, I thought you were with Grey going to get Lucy and Natsu back" Mira said as she was a bit surprised
"Well you see…" Cana started to say as she looked around a bit to make sure no one was going to heard their conversation before leaning up to M
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 4 4
Herald of the Fairies Chapter 9
Ch 9: The Herald vs. The Assassin
Hiro and Hoopa headed out of Summer-Rose for some privacy so that they would be able to talk to Nidoking in a more peaceful environment, where the Drill Pokemon would feel very relaxed and calm so that they would talk about what was going on in the village and where the missing people were being taken and also what happen to it and why was it working for whoever was in charge. The duo traveled deep in the woods until they reached a clearing near a river, "Alright this seems to be a good spot to talk to Nidoking" said Hiro as he took out Nidoking's Pokeball
"UH Hiro, you sure that's a good idea? What if Nidoking is under the effects of the spell?" asked Hoopa as he worried that Nidoking could attack them once Hiro opened the Pokeball to let Nidoking out
"I dealt with much worse, and also I could use a nice sparring match after earlier tonight" Hiro commented as Hoopa was shocked that even after getting into a fight with it the first that Hiro would want
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 2 4
Herald of The Fairies Chapter 8
Ch 8: Hiro and The Forest Monster
It was the following morning; Hiro, Ravage, Erza and Natsu were released from jail after the overnight stay due to the indecent from the previous day. Once back at the guild, Natsu was running around without a care in the world and praising to be out of there for good or until the next something goes wrong. While Hiro, Cana, Lucy and Hoopa were talking about what to do about the Minccino that Lucy took in the wild Pokemon as Hiro was feeding his Pokemon... the ones that have been shown so far
"Well Lucy, you do choices do with your Minccino, either be its trainer or let Minccino be your pet" Hiro stated
"Wait what do you mind, Hiro. I thought I would have to do what you do with your Pokemon?" Lucy asked
Hiro shook his head and said "Nope where I'm from, we either use Pokemon for battles or as pets"
"Wow, I have no idea. Well I decided Minccino will be like my Celestial spirit, a member of my family" said Lucy as she petted Minccino as it nibbled
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 3 4
Herald of The Fairies Chapter 7
Ch 7: Missing Keys and Trail
Lucy Heartfilia was in panic as she looked from top to bottom of her apartment for her keys. As they had mysteriously disappeared overnight after she gone to bed.
"It has to be here, I always left them on my desk before going to bed" Lucy claimed as she continued her hunt unaware a small grey rodent with a bushy tail and a small white tip was walking down the rooftop of Lucy's apartment with her celestial keys in it's tail as the jingled and jangled while the animal moved down the roof top.
As Lucy was checking under her bed for the third time, she heard the sound of something jingle. "What is that?" asked Lucy as she got on her bed and looked out the window before saying a small grey blur leap down to the ground.
Soon Lucy saw something familiar wrapped on the small animal's tails as her jaw dropped before shouting "MY KEYS!"
"Ahh my ears" cried a voice in pain.
"Lucy, everything okay?" said another familiar voice as she looked down and saw it was H
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 2 4
Finally I found it by Dracoknight545 Finally I found it :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 5 7 Big Sis Bonnie and Little Brother Ash by Dracoknight545 Big Sis Bonnie and Little Brother Ash :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 27 16
Herald of the Fairies Chapter 6
Ch 6: The Roar Of Thunder
 Hiro, Natsu and Hoopa were looking for Erigor to prevent from activating the Lullaby spell and killing the people of Oshibana, only to known to Hiro and Hoopa that they sense a shard of one of the orbs on Erigor.
"We need to find where Erigor could broadcast the spell before it's too late" said Hiro
"Yeah and kick his ass too" said Natsu just as he suddenly stopped in his track while Hiro and Hoopa ran past him before stopping.
"Natsu, what's wrong?" asked Hiro
Natsu started to sniff the air and said "Somethings off, I can't get Erigor's scent anymore for some reason"
"Wait he's not here, you mean we been running around for no reason" Hiro retorted as he realized that meant Erigor still has the shard with him is somewhere else.
Hoopa shivered for a second, "Hoopa, what's wrong?" asked Hiro
"I just had a feeling that we're being followed for some reason" Hoopa explained
Hiro and Natsu looked around, "Well I don't see one, Hoopa; how about you Natsu
:icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 2 4
Korra and Jinora Body swap TF by Dracoknight545 Korra and Jinora Body swap TF :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 24 12 Fakemon- Pixiphant by Dracoknight545 Fakemon- Pixiphant :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 2 12 Art Trade- Cannaire And Arin Body Swap by Dracoknight545 Art Trade- Cannaire And Arin Body Swap :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 19 30 Centuarette Mars by Dracoknight545 Centuarette Mars :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 15 24 Hiro and Curvy Cana by Dracoknight545
Mature content
Hiro and Curvy Cana :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 36 12
Centaurette Mercury by Dracoknight545 Centaurette Mercury :icondracoknight545:Dracoknight545 17 16


The Files Of Type: Null by WillDynamo55 The Files Of Type: Null :iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 11 0 Lusamine hugs Lillie again by WillDynamo55 Lusamine hugs Lillie again :iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 25 0 Heroes sees every Pokemon in Conservation Area by WillDynamo55 Heroes sees every Pokemon in Conservation Area :iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 14 0 Cold Lillie by WillDynamo55 Cold Lillie :iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 25 0 Lusamine's Mansion (Aether Paradise) by WillDynamo55 Lusamine's Mansion (Aether Paradise) :iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 14 0 Heroes visiting Aether Foundation by WillDynamo55 Heroes visiting Aether Foundation :iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 12 0 Lillie's Writing a her Diary by WillDynamo55 Lillie's Writing a her Diary :iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 17 0 Lycanroc Midday on the hunt by Pokemonsketchartist Lycanroc Midday on the hunt :iconpokemonsketchartist:Pokemonsketchartist 5 0 Lycanroc-Dusk Sun + Moon anime by Pokemonsketchartist Lycanroc-Dusk Sun + Moon anime :iconpokemonsketchartist:Pokemonsketchartist 5 2 Nalu Love Fest: Lust page 1 by xxwaterdragonxx Nalu Love Fest: Lust page 1 :iconxxwaterdragonxx:xxwaterdragonxx 13 2 Nalu Love Fest: Lust page 2 by xxwaterdragonxx Nalu Love Fest: Lust page 2 :iconxxwaterdragonxx:xxwaterdragonxx 13 9 WALL-E page 214-215 by AdvancedDefense WALL-E page 214-215 :iconadvanceddefense:AdvancedDefense 31 8 Sizeable Tales 21 Preview 2 by zzzcomics Sizeable Tales 21 Preview 2 :iconzzzcomics:zzzcomics 40 0 Autumn Rei 2017 by PerryWhite Autumn Rei 2017 :iconperrywhite:PerryWhite 34 1 Feeding Time by Arias87
Mature content
Feeding Time :iconarias87:Arias87 36 9
Junkbleck and Roadport by ejaylee Junkbleck and Roadport :iconejaylee:ejaylee 107 4


I have to say while I'm not a fan of the show but I do like the possibilities of transformation ideas that the show represents. Also I ...

Well for one I really like this pic, and the many details from the effects on the clothes to show loosen or tighten effects for transfo...

Bravo bravo another brilliant sequence. I really like how this age swap was done, a spell meant to make the user grow up but in secret ...

Another wonderful sketch done by EduartBoudewijn as usual. He was about to in vision on how Bonnie would look like as an adult and now ...

Another amazing work from this young artist. The visuals is great and well done looking it was straight from the anime series. The emot...

This is a great start though I was expecting a bit more still great work takes time. Overall the animation is great, and the idea of Ti...


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One Shot Story
One page story of anything you want

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Sketches- hand drawn pics
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I want to know are you guys mad or upset with me for not being a fan of the Nintendo Switch?
So I have been thinking about this but either tonight or tomorrow afternoon I will do a sketch stream. It depends how tired I am after my afternoon class today and as well when I'll get back home as lately I've been getting home pretty late and tired so maybe I'll be let out early enough to catch the bus home at a good time and get home at a decent time for me to relax, shower and eat so I can stream or not and save it for tomorrow afternoon or night instead but we'll see

Also this stream is not going to take requests as I got a lot sketches to do and redo as I didn't like how they turned out and scrapped them or kept them until I make the redo's
So Chapter 1 of Volume 5 of RWBY... Well that was interesting in a good way. 

I have free membership so I can see the episode early, so no spoilers from me but I think I have new ship now

Also the opening epic and I love it, where is the OST
Hey guys the Kalos Pikachu event is starting this week

I got the Sinnoh Pikachu because I enjoy Diamond and Pearl
Sinnoh Pikachu by Dracoknight545
Look at those IVs, still Pikachu is normally speedy so I can't complain about speed and also I wanted Volt Tackle over Electro Ball

Good teaser trailer so why I'm reminded of the Mickey Mouse cartoon "Runaway Brain" 

For the "What If Best Wishes was done right, would guys like to see Brock return or have Cilian travel with Ash and Hilda or third option just keep it the two of them 

11 deviants said A Wild N has appeared (Surprise 4th Option, with N joining Ash and Hilda while they travel the Unova region or have him pop up randomly through the series))
9 deviants said Brock Returns (For the 5th time)
7 deviants said Cilian Return (Well it's some canon with the group and that means I'll have to do the Cilian focus episodes)
7 deviants said Just keep it Ash and Hilda
So in response- I Dont like the Nintendo Switch

I want to make one thing clear

I am willing to give the Switch an second chance when the time comes for the Pokemon switch, I'll wait for it to be announced and see how it plays out with Pokemon Switch and a few others like Sonic Mania and Bomberman R.

As of now I don't like the Switch but I am willing to give it a second shot to impress me.
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E. Perez
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Well I'm back to normal and the girl next to me in this pic is a TG version of myself aka Elisa

Commission Open by MK-FireQueen Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - Open by SweetDuke
What types
- Paypal Stamp by artist4com

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