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The Lost Heir of The Land of Whirlpools

Dracoknight (Me): Hey Gato (My Meowth that I used in SoulSilver), mind doing me a favor

Gato: Depend what you want this time 'It better not anything stupid"

Dracoknight: Oh, it just the disclaimer

Gato: Fine. He doesn't own Naruto/ Pokemon

Dracoknight: Nope

Gato: Alright, I'm off to the Cantina Bar (That bar from Star Wars)

Dracoknight: Okay, I hope all enjoy this re-write version of 'The Lost Heir of The Land of Whirlpools'

Summary: (My response to Rose Tiger's Prince Naruto Challenge) Taking after the Sasuke Rescue Arc, Naruto has successfully brought Sasuke. Unfortunately the Konoha council (Mainly the civilian Side) see that Naruto has became too much of a problem for the village and decide to banish him from Konoha. Unfortunately Naruto gets wind of this before its made public, he decide to leave the village without anyone knowing expect Lady Tsunade, Shizune and Jiraiya. Before he leaves, a young shy Hyuuga girl confronts the blonde and tells him that she loves and wants to join him. (Note: There'll be flashback chapters to this summary)

Note: Originally this was going to be Sonic Storm Adventure (A Fan Series I made featuring Sonic the Hedgehog) but I dropped it because I had trouble typing it as the story progressed. So It going to be a Pokemon/Naruto crossover with other anime references like characters and objects.

So this where our story begins


Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Naruto, please let me come with you?" asked the once shy Hyugaa girl, must gather the courage not to shutter.

"Hinata, it's going to dangerous and you might get hurt" replied Naruto, this caused Hinata to doubt that her crush would leave her behind until; "But if you want to come and keep me coming , then sure"

This caused Hinata to feel confident that her love had welcomed her to join him. She had to dream of the moment they come be together, it maybe not what she thought at first but she decided to go along.

Hinata had already packed her things just in case that Naruto would let her come along with him. She had left her bag nearby so she wouldn't have to go back to The Hyuuga Compound. Because she overhear that she going to branded with infamous Bird Cage Seal on the same day that Naruto's banishment was made official. So she decided to see if she would be able to come along with Naruto and find somewhere safe for them to live.

Soon Naruto and Hinata left the hidden leaf village and began to their new journey to somewhere safe. Unknowing to them, a blonde hair man with a green hat was watching them along with a strange colored and looking Owl on his shoulder.

"Well, better inform the boos about his lost nephew" said the man, as the owl nodded


Meanwhile at Hokage Tower, the next day

Lady Tsunade was having a meeting the head of the Hyuuga clan Hiashi about Hinata's disappearance.

"Lady Hokage, where is Hinata, did you send her on a mission" asked Hiashi

"I don't remember that she given a mission because they just got back from a C-rank mission yesterday. She just might be around the somewhere" replied Tsunade as she tried to finish the paperwork, an evil enemy of any kage that can't be defeated no way possible. (A.N: I feel the pain, I hate College paperwork)

"I don't think so, because we already searched the whole village for her. We need to know where she is because the clan has decided that she will be branded with the Bird Cage seal" stated Hiashi

Tsunade and Shizune were a bit shocked by the news that Hinata was going to branded with the infamous seal.

'Perhaps she overheard this and runaway with Naruto since he's supposed to banished today. Well she made the right, but at least she should tell me that. I just hope that Naruto will take care of her and keep her safe' thought Tsunade looking Hiashi.

"If this makes you happy, I'll send a for search team to find Hinata and bring her back. I'll keep the search up for two days tops and I'll try to contact a personal friend of mine to help out with the search" suggested Tsunade, Hiashi nodded in approval and left Tsunade's office.

"Milady, are you sure that we should get that village involved with this?" asked Shizune

"Maybe they might consider since his mother was the heir to the village, so they might send someone to find Naruto and Hinata. Also their leader is Naruto's uncle" replied Tsunade

"Wait! Do they know about The Nine-tails fox inside Naruto and the leader is Naruto's relative?" said the shocked Shizune

"Yes, Shizune; He also knew about Naruto's parents since he is Naruto's Uncle, and the Kyuubi originally was the Uzumaki until Madara Uchiha stole it from them" commented Tsunade

'The Kyuubi belonged to the village hidden in the whirlpools the whole time' thought Shizune, and then asked "so what do we do since Naruto has left?" in a nervous tone hoping it's not here in the village

"We have to hope Naruto and Hinata make it to the land of whirlpools safely" replied Tsunade, Shizune nodded and then said "Of course, so anything else that we should worry about"

"No, we have nothing to worry about, but the Uzumaki clan has a secret bloodline ability besides the chakra chain, which gives the Uzumaki clan the ability to summon these creatures which they call Uzu Beast. It could be a possibility that Naruto could unlock this keki genki and also it's rumored that only a selected few that aren't in the clan can sign a summoning contract for the Uzu Beast" commented Tsunade.

"So we're going to ask to inform the village hidden in the whirlpools about Naruto and Hinata" sum-upped Shizune. Tsunade nodded, as she drew some paper and pen and began to write the request for Uzukage. After finish writing the request, Shizune went to deliver the note to The Uzukage ASAP.


Somewhere in the forest several miles out of Konoha

Naruto and Hinata found a small cave to rest from several hours of traveling away of the leaf. Both of them were tired.

"Hinata, there's something I wanna ask you" said Naruto

"Well, wh... what uh... you do... want to ask me?" asked Hinata blushing

"I just wondering when did start having a crush on me" replied Naruto

Hinata started fidgeting her index fingers feeling a bit nervous, "I started liking you since you save me from those bullies when we were younger" replied Hinata

"Oh that was you; wow I guess I'm sort of sorry that I didn't notice you since we're at the academy" apologized Naruto

"It's okay Naruto; you were just fawning over Sakura. At least I knew you're were going to happy with someone" said Hinata

"Actually I feel better being with you, maybe I should have been fawning over you instead" said Naruto rubbing the back of his head as Hinata blushed a different shade of red.

"Um...Really Naruto" said Hinata sheepishly

"Yeah, huh?" said Naruto as something got his attention

"What is it, Naruto" asked Hinata

"I think someone's here, we need to make sure. Hinata, use your byakugan" said Naruto

Hinata nodded and activated her clan's ability, and scanned the cave they were staying at for any anything that might be searching for them inside and outside the cave.

"Naruto, I found someone, it's a girl. It could be a shinobi from the leaf village and she has summoning animal with her; we should be careful" said Hinata

"Right, anything else" asked Naruto with a nod

"She seems to be looking for something" replied Hinata


Outside of the cave

A young girl around with black hair, wearing a black kimono top without sleeves and blue shinobi pants and shinobi sandal; she wear a blue hand-band with metal plate that had a whirlpool swirl on it.

With her, was a purple monkey with a hand with three finger attached to it tail. The two of them sensed someone traveled near by the cave that Naruto and Hinata and was told by her sensei to check out the cave

"Aipom, let go into the cave; we might find out who was here" said the girl

"Aipom Pom Pom" cried the grinning monkey as it climbed on her back as the two of them entered the cave


With Naruto and Hinata

"Naruto, what are we going to do?" asked Hinata

"I'm not sure, but we better go find out who it is and see what is he or she up to" replied Naruto

Naruto and Hinata got up for their rest spot and went towards the entrance of the cave to find out to who was coming after them.

Our heroes entered a very dark area of the cave, unknowing that the unknown shinobi that use outside was in the same area with Naruto and Hinata as well.

Neither of them knew that were about to crash into each other until

"AGHHH" screamed Hinata

"AIIIIPPPOOMMM" cried the monkey

"OWW what was that" cried the girl

"Hey who's there?" shouted Naruto

"Naruto, who's there it's completely dark" asked Hinata

"Hold I can bring some light, Summoning Jutsu" said the girl as puff of smoke appeared and a small fire lit up the cave.

As the cave got brighter, Naruto and Hinata saw a girl around their age with her was a monkey and a small creature spewing fire from its back

"Hi, I'm Koyuki Azumaya Uzumaki and these are my friends Aipom and Cyndaquil" said Koyuki

"Wait, you're an Uzumaki?" asked Naruto

"Well not really, but my big sister Erza and my adopted father are really Uzumaki" explained Koyuki

"Naruto, you have a family somewhere that great new" said Hinata

"Hey Koyuki, since we're family. Mind helping us out?" asked Naruto

"Sure, so this is your girlfriend here right?" replied Koyuki as Hinata blushed when Koyuki said 'girlfriend' in front of them.

"M-my n-name is Hinata, Hinata Hyuuga" replied Hinata with a red blush on her face.

"Hey Naruto, she quite a cute girl better than any other girl you could hook with especially if she has pink-haired in my opinion" said Koyuki, her Aipom giggled at the remark


Somewhere back in Konoha

A pink-haired genin let a sneeze in response to Koyuki's joke

"Hey Sakura, you're not getting a cold?" asked the blonde- haired girl that was walking next to her

"Of course not, Ino; I think someone was talking about me. Anyway I'm going to check on Sasuke" replied Sakura


Back with Naruto, Hinata and Koyuki

Naruto and Hinata were walking to the entrance of the cave with Koyuki and Aipom

"Naruto, mind telling me why you and your girlfriend running away in the first place?" asked Koyuki curiously with an innocent tone

Naruto seemed a bit nervous to tell Koyuki about why he and Hinata were running away

"Okay, it all started a few days ago..." started Naruto


A few days after getting released from the hospital since returning to village with Sasuke, who decided to leave the village to join the rouge Sennin Orochimaru for power.

Naruto was summoned by Lady Tsunade for a private meeting; Naruto went to her office unaware what he was going to be told. When Naruto enter Lady Tsunade's office, Tsunade along with her assistant Shizune with Tonton in her arm and his second sensei Jiraya were in the room. Naruto stood in front of Tsunade's desk as Shizune perform the sound proof jutsu to prevent unwanted ears to listen what to over hear their meeting.

"Hey Grandma Tsunade, Shizune, Pervy Sage, so what did you wanted to talk to me about" asked the curious Uzumaki

"What I'm going to tell must keep a secret okay?" asked Tsunade, Naruto nodded

"Okay, earlier today there was a council meeting about the revival for Sasuke Uchiha. I thought that they were the team that was sent to get the Uchiha brat. Unfortunately it was the opposite what I thought" said Tsunade with depress tone as she her statement

"So what happen?" asked Naruto

"The Konoha council decided to banish you since you use the nine-tails chakra to bring back Sasuke and thought it was wrong to reward you for saving your teammate who decided to abandon Konoha. A stupid reason in my opinion" said Jiraiya with a serious look on his face

Naruto was shocked by what Jiraiya just told, "Grandma, this can't be true is it" asked Naruto who was in shock by the new.

"Naruto, Lady Tsunade and Master Jiraiya fought against your banishment along the clan head of the shinobi clans, but they were overruled by the civilian side and the elders" said Shizune.

Naruto turned his attention to Tsunade hoping that she might have some good news for him, "Naruto, the main reason that I called you here was to alert you about the banishment. It's going to be made official tomorrow, so tonight I went you leave the village and find somewhere safe for you to live in peace for now. I'm going to ask a personal friend of mine and Jiraiya to keep tabs on you while leaving the rest of Konoha in the dark until sometime in the future" said Tsunade

"Okay, Grandma but I just don't get it, I save Sasuke and I get reward by being banishment" replied Naruto angrily.

"They fear that you'll let the Nine-tails out soon and let destroy the village and everyone in it" explained Jiraiya

"Naruto, I hoping one day in the future that you would be the next Hokage; but I guess thing don't turn out the way we want them. Shizune will go with you to get you packed up and ready to go, make sure that you leave before midnight" said Tsunade

"Okay, Pervy-sage mind you give this back to Iruka-sensei when they make the new about my banishment and tell him I said bye and thanks for the support" said Naruto as he took off his headband and handed it to Jiraiya

"Sure thing, Naruto; I'll make sure that the toads know about it as well, make sure that if you need my help to contact me via toad" replied Jiraiya

"Grandma Tsunade. I guess I should give you give back the necklace I won from you" said Naruto as he started to take off the first Hokage's necklace

"No, Naruto. Keep it; keep it as reminder of those who were good to you and those of being Hokage. Perhaps one day I can lift this idiotic banishment" replied Tsunade as Naruto nodded in agreement

"Ok Jiraiya-sensei, I have to say it was fun being taught by you" said Naruto 'I thought it was nice thing that I showed the Pervy-Sage some respect before I left' thought Naruto as he and Shizune left

"You know I was hoping to call me that sometime when he was older" said Jiraiya

"So you did like be called 'Pervy-Sage' then huh?" asked Tsunade

"A bit I guess he's just a kid still so I wouldn't mind that he called me that" replied Jiraiya

Tsunade got out of her chair and looked outside through her window and thought 'I wish that I could've told him about his father and he's my real grandson. I know it's a bad idea to tell him since we just told he was going to be banished, maybe it was a good thing I didn't, but I'll have to tell him in future' as she watched Naruto and Shizune had out to Naruto's apartment to help him pack for his trip.

Naruto's Apartment

After much cleaning and packing, Naruto and Shizune left his empty apartment.

"So anything else you want to go before you leave" asked Shizune

"I would like to tell Teuchi and Ayame that I'm leaving, and would like to have some ramen" replied Naruto

"Okay, Naruto" replied Shizune

The two of them went to Ichiraku ramen shop, there Naruto told Teuchi and Ayame about his banishment and that he's leaving tonight. So Teuchi and Ayame gave Naruto a free meal before he left.

After having about 6-10 bowls of ramen

Naruto and Shizune went off in different directions, as Naruto head toward the main gate entrance of the village Shizune watched

'Naruto, please be safe. I have always thought of you as a little brother, please be happy wherever you go and maybe someday you can live out your dream; I hope one day we will meet again little brother' thought Shizune as she turned around and head back to Lady Tsunade's office


"So that's what happened" said Naruto finishing his story

"Hmm okay, so Hinata mind telling us why you're leaving the village too" asked Koyuki

"W...Well I... I really don't want to... uh talk about" replied Hinata nervously as lowered her head in fear

"It's okay, if you scared to talk about it. My job is make sure you two are safe before we meet up with my sensei and my teammate" said Koyuki trying to comfort Naruto's girlfriend

"Well since your job is to protect us, then I guess I should tell you why I was running away" said Hinata with a nod


Yesterday afternoon at The Hyuuga Compound

Hinata Hyuuga was preparing tea for her father, before she went to train with her teammates. Once she made his tea, Hinata was going to take it to the training dojo, where her father and cousin Neji would be at this time.

When Hinata arrived to the dojo, she only saw her cousin Neji, who receive a major personality change after fighting Naruto during the finals of The Chunin Exams.

"Uh Neji, have seen father recently" said Hinata

"I believe uncle is in meeting with the clan elders because earlier this morning he was summoned to a council meeting about the retrieval of Sasuke Uchiha" replied Neji as he continued training

Then Hinata's father, Hiashi appeared coming from the other entrance of the dojo along with her younger sister, Hanabi.

"Hinata, Neji; please come with me we much to discuss" said Hiashi with a stern look on his face, but inside he seemed trouble about what he heard at both meetings today.

Hinata and Neji followed Hiashi and Hanabi to his private studies so they can talk.

Hiashi's Private studies

Hinata, Hanabi and Neji sat facing Hiashi as he finish his tea the Hinata made earlier for him

"Before I begin to speak, this must remain secret between the four of us, no one beside the Hokage can hear this, understood" said Hiashi in a more serious tone

The three of them nodded in response

"I'll start things off about the council meeting that took place this morning, Neji and your team have rewarded to Chunin rank expect one" started Hiashi

"What do you mean 'expect one', Uncle" asked Neji

"It appears that the civilian council didn't want Naruto Uzumaki to make Chunin, but instead they decide to punish him for just the nine-tails fox's chakra during the fight with Sasuke" replied Hiashi

"Father, wh... what was h... his punishment" asked Hinata nervous as she worried that her crush was going to be in a lot of trouble.

"He is to be banished from Konoha tomorrow; the entire shinobi council ought against this along with the 5th Hokage and Lord Jiraiya this unjustified punishment. Apparently we were overruled and it was passed" replied Hiashi

Hinata was shocked that her crush was going to be banish for just rescuing the Last of the Uchiha, 'She must really care for Naruto, perhaps I can keep the promise me and Hana made to Minato and Kushina before either our child were born' thought Hiashi as he watched his daughter's reaction.

"To make things worse, I inform the clan elders about this and they decided to brand you, Hinata with the Caged Bird seal tomorrow as reminder of Naruto's banishment and Hanabi will be the new heir of the Hyuuga clan" stated Hiashi

All three of children were shocked by the news that Hinata was going to be sent to the branch family.

"Father, they can't do that to Hinata. She better for the clan than I am especially her dream to help clan" said Hanabi

"I know how you feel Hanabi, I told them the same thing, but they refused to listen. So I have decided to come up with a special plan that must be kept secret" said Hiashi

"Hai" replied the three of them; Hiashi turned his attention to Hinata

"Hinata, must likely Lady Hokage would inform Naruto about this and have him leave the village as soon as possible. So I want you to do the same thing and if anyone asks where you're going tell them that you have mission to go on. Also I want you to tell your sensei Kurenai about this so she wouldn't have to worry about you, understood" instructed Hiashi

Hinata nodded in response as she thought 'Maybe I could join Naruto so we can be together and find somewhere safe we can live together'

"Hinata, if you manage to meet up with Naruto and anyone with him, I would like you sent someone to report to me about your progress" said Hiashi

"Of course father, anything do you want be to sent to know it's from me" asked Hinata

"Hmm, make it something that the elders wouldn't know that it was from you like an animal" replied Hiashi

"Perhaps she can send something like a rabbit or a fox" suggested Hanabi

"Okay, I can try; is that okay with you father" said Hinata

"Fine by me, I would prefer a rabbit then a fox" said Hiashi with a nodded

Hiashi dismissed them from his office, Hinata and Hanabi went to Hinata's room to help pack what she need for her travel, while Neji went off to do Neji-things (Like train alone or train with his teammates)

Hinata's Room

Hanabi and Hinata were finishing up with the packing. "Hinata, will you be okay on your own" asked Hanabi

"I'll be okay Hanabi; I'm going to try to be with Naruto" replied Hinata

"You mean that boy you have a major crush" commented Hanabi as Hinata blushed at her sister's remark

Hanabi just giggled at her sister's reaction, "Its okay, Hinata. I care about you; you're my big sister after all" said Hanabi

"Okay, I think that's everything I need to survive" said Hinata as she and Hanabi left her room.

The two girl stop by the father's studies to wish him good-bye, and afterward Hinata was off to go tell her sensei what was going on with her and Naruto.

Hinata managed to find Kurenai at the Dango shop with her friend Anko, she told her sensei and Anko about what was going to happen to her and Naruto

"Well that explains why Kakashi seem a bit off today" said Anko after Hinata finished her story

"I still can't believe that they would banish Naruto because he had to use the fox's chakra as a last resort that what I heard from Kakashi" commented Kurenai

"Well, at least the shinobi side and Hokage fought against this because they knew about the kid" said Anko as she continued eating her dangos.

"Kurenai-sensei, can you not tell Kiba and Shino about this" asked Hinata

"I'll try, Hinata. On the condition that your messenger reports to me as well after they report to your father" replied Kurenai

Hinata nodded and then she left her sensei and her friend and went to find Naruto to see where he could be.

After several hours of searching, she managed to find him at the main gate. Hinata watch Naruto behind a pole as Naruto looked the Hokage monument before he left.

'It's now or never Hinata, you have to tell him and see if he'll take me along' thought Hinata as she mustarded up the courage to go talk to Naruto

Hinata move from the pole and stood in front of Naruto getting his attention

"Hey Hinata, what are you doing out here this late" asked Naruto

"I heard that you're going to banish tomorrow and that Lady Tsunade might have notified you earlier about this. I want to tell you something before you left" replied Hinata

"Okay, so what did you wanted to tell me?" asked Naruto

Hinata remained silent trying to muster up the courage to tell Naruto her feelings for the boy without being shy

"ILOVEYOU" muttered Hinata

"Huh, what did you say" replied Naruto confused by what Hinata tried to say

"I love you, Naruto Uzumaki. I really like you since we were little kids" said Hinata trying to not to faint or stutter

"Really, I didn't know someone had cared for me" said Naruto as noticed that Hinata was packed for some kind of long trip

"It's okay that you don't want to be with me" said Hinata feeling rejected

"No it's not like that; I just never knew someone had feelings for me. Look what I do I treat you as only a friend" apologized Naruto

"It's okay, I was hoping one day that we can be more than friends one day" replied Hinata

"So why do you have your pack with you" asked Naruto

"Well, my father told me, Neji and my sister Hanabi about your banishment earlier today. Also when he brought up that the elders of my clan decide that I should be branded with Caged Bird Seal. And I was wondering... "said Hinata as she started the played with her index fingers

"Wondering what?" asked Naruto

"Naruto, please let me come with you?" asked the once shy Hyugaa girl, must gather the courage not to shutter.

"Hinata, it's going to dangerous and you might get hurt" replied Naruto, this caused Hinata to doubt that her crush would leave her behind until; "But if you want to come and keep me coming , then sure"


"And that what happened to me" finished Hinata

"Okay, I think my sensei can report to your father and sensei" replied Koyuki

"Thank you, Koyuki" replied Hinata

"Yeah, thanks cousin" said Naruto

"We're family Naruto, maybe not by blood but we're family still" commented Koyuki as the four of them headed out.

Outside of the cave, was a tall and lean-built man with light skin and gray eyes; His hair is messy and light-blond (almost pale) with strands framing the sides of the face and hanging between his eyes, and he also has chin stubble. He was wearing the black ANBU pants, black shinobi sandals. He had on green version of a Suna Jounin vest along with a striped-dark green and white bucket hat that usually shadows his eyes. On his left shoulder was a golden-yellow bird with red-orange wings.

Next to the man was a young woman around the age of 15, she had long red hair and she wearing a navy blue jacket beneath it was a green t-shirt. Attached to her black cargo shorts, was a katana with a custom made holder.

Next to her was a black canine with curved horns and skull necklace-like feature on its chest and three rib bones on its back; on its ankles were four bracelets. Also it had a spear-ended tail.

"Erza, Kisuke-sensei, I found them; I win the game" said Koyuki greeting her big sister and sensei

"Good, as for your prize, we'll go out for ramen after reporting in with the Uzukage" commented Kisuke wiping out a fan and fanning himself

"Sensei, we always go out for ramen. Not that I have a problem with it, but how about some else" asked Erza

"Alright, we'll have ramen with your lost cousin and his girlfriend, but Erza has to pay and not eat a bite" replied Kisuke as Hinata blushed once again when he mention the word 'girlfriend'

"Wait tha... Hold on lost cousin?" said Erza who was about to object her sensei's prize for her adopted sister and was shocked to hear that she has a lost cousin

"Yes Erza, Meet Naruto Uzumaki, your cousin from Konoha and who holds the Kyuubi" replied Kisuke as everyone, yes Naruto and Hinata too were shock hearing what Kisuke just said

To Be Continued


I originally was going to post this just on, but I changed my mind.

Next Chapter, will be Erza and Koyuki's reaction to Naruto's secret and why Kisuke know about it. Naruto and Hinata get a new ability, as in Uzu Beast Summoning. along with an explanation of about the Uzu Beast

Also the reaction of Naruto's friends from Naruto's banishment

Yes, Erza is an OC character that is based off Erza from Fairy Tail. Also the Kisuke is based off the same character from Bleach, which I have seen and I like it. Lastly Koyuki is based off the same character from Sgt. Frog.

Ironic, that these are my favorite characters from their respective animes

So I hope you like this chapter, and I'll have the next chapter up as soon as possible.

I was wondering If there was anyone else from Konoha (The Leaf Village) that would Naruto and Hinata. Also so what Pokemon would you like Naruto and Hinata to have as their Uzu Beast partner

Note: Naruto and Hinata will able to summon a Charamander or Dratini later in the story, so no request about them
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Dracoknight545 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Actually like Hinata's father, Hiashi's brother was sealed not because he was younger by a few minute, but mostly they had to battle to see who will be head, and Hiazhi lost. Also the clan knows about Hinata's feelings for Naruto to add insult to injury by placing the seal on her when the accouncement was made about Naruto's banishment
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literature by SasuSakufan1012

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June 30, 2012
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