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Sonic, Naruto and The Orphan Part 1

Note: This takes place after Naruto and Hinata married and The Oracion Sies Arc story, it's about a month after they tied the knot. For those who wondering, Naruto decides to keep the Uzumaki as his last name.
  Also sometime between the wedding and this event, Naruto manages to perform his father's signature jutsu.

  Sonic and Naruto were sent on a mission to a foreign village to help out with a problem. Once they were done on their way, they decided to take a break in a small village nearby; While having a bit to eat at a ramen shop, Sonic and Naruto heard a loud group of people chasing something away from their village.

"Hey Naruto, What do you think going on?" asked Sonic finishing his bowl of ramen

"Anyway, we should check it out" replied Naruto putting down his bowl and they went to investigate what were the people chasing. Naruto and Sonic follow the mob from the roof top, they spotted that the mob was chasing a little girl, she was filthy and wearing a ragged and torn dress.

"Naruto, we got do something before something happens to her" said Sonic

"Right" replied Naruto.

  Naruto performed the Hirshian jutsu and in a flash he grabbed the girl and appeared on the other side of building's roof top. "Hey are you okay?" asked Naruto making sure the girl was fine. The little girl nodded. Then Sonic come back and saw the girl, and she was frightened.

  "Hey you guys down there, why were you chasing her" asked Naruto is harsh voice

"Because she is a demon" replied one of the villagers

   Sonic and Naruto looked at each other with confusion.

"Mind explaining, since we're not here" asked Sonic scratching his ear

"She bears the 2-Tails cat in her" answered another villager

  Sonic look at Naruto and whisper "Maybe we should ask Orochi and Kurma about this?" Naruto agreed. Sonic and Naruto were in their mindscapes and they were face to face with their beasts, "So what they say about the girl true or not" asked Naruto toward the nine-tail fox and eight-head dragon.

'Yes Naruto, they're telling the truth. We sense the beast inside of her" replied Kurma, Orochi nodded in agreement.

Sonic and Naruto left the mindscape and back into reality. Naruto asked if they could see the mayor of their town, so they can talk about the girl.

The people told Sonic and Naruto where they would find the mayor. Naruto had the girl get on his back as they travelled by roof-top.

"So Naruto, are you think what I'm thinking" asked Sonic

"Yeah, she's being treat like I was when I was her age" replied Naruto

"And we're going to do what's best for her" commented Sonic

Naruto nodded as they made to the building, the people pointed out.

Happy: And soon this happen

The Mayor's building

   Sonic and Naruto were not in a good mood after figuring out that this town was hurting a young girl just because she is a jinchuriki like them-selves. Naruto wanted to take her away from the village, so she would have a better childhood and life.

"Really?" The mayor asked for the third and final time a grin that rivaled Naruto's largest on his face.

"You're ignorance has given me no other choice." Naruto shouted.

The mayor frowned at this, "Ignorance? I ask you sir to what you are referring, we have tried to chase the girl out many times but she has nowhere else to go and is oddly resilient. I thank you for taking her away – I assume you know of some way of destroying the demon we do no…."

The sentence did not finish as Naruto's fist slammed into the man's face,

"That is what me and my friend are referring to, We're not taking her away to 'destroy her' I am taking her away so that she may live elsewhere and be happy."

The mayor got up holding his split lip, "Then sir I think you may misunderstand, that is no girl that is…"

Again cut him off, but instead Sonic had his foot in his mouth, "I suggest you say no more or I may end up killing you, Naruto know a hell of a lot more than you do about what she is trust me. Naruto and I will take her home with me and 'off your hands' just sort out the paperwork to make it official" said Sonic as he prepared a kunai. Then, Naruto slammed a pile of official documents on the table and left along with Sonic after removing his foot and putting away the kunai.

  The mayor just nodded not wanting to end up with another fist or kick in his face and allowed Naruto and Sonic to leave his office.

   As they left through the door, the mayor caught a glimpse of the girl in question in the waiting room surrounded by four (2 Narutos and 2 Sonics) guards identical to the man and hedgehog who was in his office moments before.

"Hmm that went easier than I thought" said Sonic

"Yeah, I still think we should had let him have it" replied Naruto

"But we would get in trouble with Tsunade and your mother" said Sonic, after saying that Sonic and Naruto shivered at the thought of them getting punished by Kushina Uzumaki and Lady Tsunade.

  After getting some supplies and snacks, Naruto, Sonic and the girl went outside of the village and ate some the snacks. Naruto handed the girl some bread and deli-meat, in hopes she may talk to them.

"So what's your name?" asked Naruto

"It's Aki" replied the girl

"Any last name" asked Sonic

"No" answered Aki

Naruto and Sonic looked at Aki for a moment and thought, and Naruto asked "Does it talk to you?" Aki was confused and didn't know what to answer.

"Naruto, means the beast inside you" explained Sonic

"No" replied Aki

Naruto remember his first experience with Kurma, they first talked to each other when he was twelve. So it would make sense that she hasn't made contact the two tails.

Aki stopped eating and looked at Sonic and Naruto and asked "Why are you two being so nice to me?" to Naruto and Sonic's surprise

Naruto smiled at her sadly, "Because I had a childhood a lot like yours and I want to rescue you from it, until five years ago, when I was twelve, I had no friends at all. I had no parents, people wouldn't speak to me and I was beat up by people on the streets."

The girl looked at Naruto in surprise; she obviously didn't think anyone else lived like this, "Why?"

"I have a demon in me too, the nine-tailed fox Kurma." replied Naruto

"And I got one in me too. The eight-headed dragon Orochi" commented Sonic

They had silent moment so the understanding between the three of them passed

"So what are your names" asked Aki

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, but once those papers are done you can call me dad" replied Naruto

"My name is Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog. You can call me Uncle Sonic once those papers are done too" commented Sonic

   A few hours later, Sonic and Naruto were made Aki's guardians for now on. They left the town after getting the papers back to show the Hokage about it, about four hours of traveling Naruto decided to make camp for the night.

Later that Night

Kari had fallen asleep on Naruto as he and Sonic had finished the rest of the ramen that Naruto cooked up.

"So tomorrow we'll back home, and she's going to have a new family" said Sonic

"Yeah, that reminds me. I should send a toad to Hinata about her" said Naruto

"How about you surprise her; I'm sure she might love to have Aki as her daughter" said Sonic as he got up and stretched and went to sleep in a nearby tree.

Naruto put out the fire and got Kari in a sleeping as Naruto slept in a spare sleeping bag.

Happy, Plue and Diddy Kong eating bananas

Happy (Mouth stuffed): And Then


The next day Sonic and Naruto along with Aki on Naruto's shoulders made it back to the leaf village. On their way to the Hokage building, they heard a loud commotion from a fish shop. Happy the cat was being chased out by the owner from eating and taking fish, Happy saw Sonic and Naruto and quickly hid been them.

"Gotcha you cat burglar" shouted the shop owner

"Hold on, Happy what's going on?" asked Sonic as Happy tried to make himself un-seeable behind Sonic's back

"He eat five pounds of fish and took two snappers" yelled owner.

"Okay, I'm sorry for his behavior. I guess someone forgot to feed him, how about I pay for the fish" suggested Naruto

"I'll pay for it as well" said Sonic

The shop keeper agreed and, Sonic and Naruto paid both the eaten and stolen fish. Happy was given a stern talk by Naruto and Sonic about what he just did.

"Say Naruto, who's the girl on your shoulders?" asked Happy

"This is Aki, my daughter" replied Naruto

"Really, I thought you and Hinata were going to wait" said Happy, who was surprised

"No, she asked me if we wanted to start a family before our wedding day. So Aki will be our first child" commented Naruto.

"Dad, who is this cat" asked Aki pointing at Happy as he flew around them

"Oh this is Happy, he's a friend of ours" replied Naruto

"Aye" squealed Happy as Aki play with his tail

   They made to the Hokage Tower, Naruto and Sonic walked towards the Hokage tower slowly and with measured steps, they weren't honestly looking forward to this, as they knew it was going to be one hell of a debriefing.

   Naruto busied himself thinking of how will everyone back home will take this specially Hinata, they were at the tower before he knew it. They walked up the stairs and entered the Hokage's office to be greeted by a sleeping Tsunade with an irritated Shizune stood over her trying to wake her up.

     Shizune looked at Naruto and smiled, then she saw the girl on his shoulders and cocked an eyebrow.
"It's a long story." Naruto said simply.

"Aye" commented Happy

Shizune just nodded and returned to trying to wake up Tsunade, "Lady Tsunade, Naruto and Sonic are back from their mission."

Tsunade faintly stirred in her sleep but continued snoring.

Then Sonic got an idea and whispered it to Naruto and Happy, "Free Sake" shouted Naruto. Lady Tsunade suddenly bolted up and looked in every direction and saw Naruto, Sonic, and Happy laughing at Tsunade's responses.

"Cheap trick, boys" said Tsunade wiping some of her drool off her face

"Hey it worked anyhow" said Sonic.

   Naruto turned to Shizune and asked, "This will probably be a long report, so would you mind giving Aki here a quick medical check and a bath? I couldn't take her into the public ones"

  Naruto lowered Aki to the floor as Shizune replied, "Sure I guess so". Happy said that he will come with them to help out.

"Thanks, and don't worry I'll give you the money for the baths," Naruto turned his attention to Aki, "You just go with Aunt Shizune;  Sonic and I have to do some work now but I'll see you in a bit ok?"

  Aki hugged onto him tightly, she had grown attached to him over the time they had been travelling, she kind of had to considering he had carried her most of the way and the fact that he and Sonic were the only people to ever be kind to her helped.

   "Come on now Aki, I need to work, Shizune is a friend of mine, and she'll make sure your healthy and give you a good bath. You'll be back before you know it." said Naruto comforting Aki

"Yeah, and we might go out for some ice cream later" added Sonic

  Tsunade and Shizune where both utterly confused, they had no idea who this girl was but she seemed attached to Naruto and Sonic

  Shizune walked forward and extended her hand to the girl who reluctantly took it, walking toward the door she turned to wave goodbye.

"See you in a bit Aki." Naruto said cheerily.

"See you dad and Uncle Sonic." She replied timidly holding tightly onto Shizune's hand.

   Shizune froze where she stood and Tsunade coughed in surprise, "DAD and UNCLE?"

"Well, I guess we should start explaining" said Sonic with a smirk on his face

"Yep" replied Naruto.
This is something that came to me after reading a few NaruHina stories on 2 of them involved Naruto adopting orphans that are jinchuriki and raise them.

So I decided to one as well. Part 2 will be up sometime next week with the final part of Naruto vs. Hiashi.
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