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Bravo bravo another brilliant sequence. I really like how this age swap was done, a spell meant to make the user grow up but in secret ...

Another wonderful sketch done by EduartBoudewijn as usual. He was about to in vision on how Bonnie would look like as an adult and now ...

Another amazing work from this young artist. The visuals is great and well done looking it was straight from the anime series. The emot...

This is a great start though I was expecting a bit more still great work takes time. Overall the animation is great, and the idea of Ti...

An excellent piece of artwork presented here by the artist depicted of a growing Miranda Wright from "Bonkers". I was like I had envisi...

Awesome work, This is how I imagined what would happen if Eric (From The Little Mermaid) was turned into a mermaid. The artist incorpor...


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Werewolf Tf Elisa (Contest Entry) by Dracoknight545
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Matrix: Are you mad at this episode?

Me: Not really but I want to go full force in my thoughts and also make some points that will impact the "RWBY & Stitch" story I'm working on

Matrix: Also that Adam is at the top of you most hated villains along with Mercusake (If you know what his voice actor has done before you can learn why I hate Mercury alot), Audino (Wait how is a Pokemon a bad guy, just because it ruined all of the shaking grass encounters in Black and B2 so it ruined my fun), Little Gideon (He's at the bottom as he might redeem himself at the finale of Gravity Falls) and Cora and Pan (Those two, just watch Once Upon a Time to see why)

Me: Eyep, Anyway....

This episode had alot of feels and drama. Torchwick is eaten by a griffon Grimm which I find hilarious as he got hit back by Karma so much.

Ruby finally kicks back, I mean she has done it in the past but this time without Cresent Rose. So I guess all of the sparing with Yang helped out.

Also why did Neo fall for the most common Disney Villain "death", exposing a weak spot on your plan/weapon. Sorry a button push saved Ruby's life and it gave me a good idea how Stitch would help Ruby out in the fight

So we go back to see and we finally see what was Velvet's secret weapon and it was mimicry of Weapon usage and you thought Mimic was bad in Pokemon. So you see the power of how Velvet uses the weapons of her friends to take down the giant robot until she gets punched in the punch and Weiss finally summons the arm of the Armor knight from the White Trailer which is badass.

 So I  give Weiss and velvet "The Most Badass Award Ever in an episode of RWBY". Then suddenly Yang as she goes and find Blake and Weiss goes find Ruby.

Well Yang find Blake in the library being beaten down by Adam (Who is what going to be the 2nd or 3rd most hated person by fans) and I'm sorry that why he was talking to Blake, it sounded he was about to rape her.....

Sorry sorry but it seems that way to me and it was so dirty.

But luckily Yang cock-blocks Adam at the price of her lower right or left arm (I'm confused what arm she lost) and Blake uses her semblance to get Yang to safety leaving a horny Adam steamed 

The episode enters with Ozpin, Pyyrha and Jaune under the school as they are about to transfers the power of the Fall Maiden to Pyyrha but are stopped by Cinder and her arrows and she gains all of the power.

Well aren't we screwed at it's Ozpin versus Cinder next episode

Also I forgot Ironwood is part robotic as his chest and one of his arms are now robot kinda like the Tinman which Ironwood is based on, so nice work Rooster Teeth crews

And finally see Qrow's scythe and it looks awesome in design ^^

So no doubt next episode would be the same thing  and a possible Blake reveals her connection to the White fang to everyone.

Meanwhile I need to see about making a new arm for Yang, I hope Alix will take this well

I'm starting a guideline to help me get this story done right and I wanted to know if you guys wanted to see the other 624-625 experiments aka Stitch's cousins to appear in the story? Also far I have it starting shortly after or around the end of Book 1 o 

5 deviants said Yeah, Stitch's cousins are going to have fun
1 deviant said Nope, just keep the focus on Stitch only maybe a sequel


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Well I'm back to normal and the girl next to me in this pic is a TG version of myself aka Elisa

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