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This is a great start though I was expecting a bit more still great work takes time. Overall the animation is great, and the idea of Ti...

An excellent piece of artwork presented here by the artist depicted of a growing Miranda Wright from "Bonkers". I was like I had envisi...

Awesome work, This is how I imagined what would happen if Eric (From The Little Mermaid) was turned into a mermaid. The artist incorpor...

Like usual, Eduartboudewijn has made another piece of great art. The drawing is well represented and is what I had envision an age swap...

The drawing here is greatly done using the exclusive Nintendo 3DS app know as 3D Colors. Being someone who also uses the application, i...


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Top 8 Halloween Specials and movies

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 11:33 AM

It's about time I did another countdown but this time like I did with my Christmas Specials, lets do it again with my Top 8 Halloween Special (Either Halloween-theme Episode or special movie) and Movies since while I don't like to watch some scary movies but there are a few halloween movies I love to watch around this time of the year

Let begin....

8. Luna Eclisped- A good episode to do some character development on Fan-fav Princess Luna, and fans get a look at an Equestria version of Halloween

7.  Bugs Bunny's Howl-ween Special/ Halloween Hijinks-
Very rare Bugs Bunny Halloween specials, I do remember watching when I was a kid because my parents would record alot of the old holiday specials especially the Christmas themed ones like the Disney Christmas parade. Still it's nice to that Disney wasn't the only animation studio that did Holiday specials from the late 70's to the mid 90's.

 Ironically I have a copy of the Bugs Bunny Easter Special, and I might review one day. Even thought it's not as entertaining as the Halloween and Thanksgiving specials featuring the Looney Tunes

6. Ducktales (Ducky Horror Picture show)- A great halloween story, where Scrooge buys and rebuilts an old and abandon convention center and one of the first convention is holding is a Monster convention using some of the great Universal Monster character like the Wolfman, Count Dracula and Frankstein but with a duck pun in it like Wolfduck, Count Drakula (I think they couldn't use Count Duckula because at the time of Ducktales there was another vampire duck show called "Count Duckula") and Frankenduck to name a few.

5. Hotel Transylvania-
I recently saw this movie and it like "Ducky Horror Picture Show" do a great job in the story telling department and provide great use of the classic Universal Monsters  with the focus on Dracula and his relationship with his daughter. 

4. Tower or Terror (The Pokemon Episode)-
A banned Pokemon episode rarely scene expect online because of the name is related to a Disney Ride and it features Ash "Dying" along side Pikachu Still it's humorous episode and we get to see Ash "Catch" a Haunter

3. The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror series-
There can not be anyone Halloween special countdown with out talking the infamous Treehouse of Horror specials that appear every year on FOX. They range strange and crazy to serious and high suspends and every year I look forward to see what will happen this year to the Simpsons.

2. Ghostbusters (The Movie)-
What song other than Thriller and any new halloween theme-ish song do you here on the radio, that's theme song to one of the funniest and best Ghost-catching Movies

1. Disney's DTV Monster Hits-
DTV is an 80's Disney parody of MTV did a number of Holiday theme special showcasing Music video with Disney animation. But far none, the Monster Hits is one of the best that hey had from what I had seen.

 Well that's it but I kinda of upset to not including some of the other Halloween Specials...
I got it and here are the honorable mentions

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • The Halloween Tree
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Ghostbusters (The Halloween Door)
  • Scary Godmother 1 &2
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch (Halloween Episodes)
  • Halloween Town Saga
  • Disney's House of Villains
So that's it and tell me what you guys think?

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Working on the finale to last year's Halloween story "Draco and Friends in Scared Stupid"? So wht should we start the story 

5 deviants said 4th Wall brake
2 deviants said A Joke it took a 3rd of the time it took for "Sonic in Scared Stupid" to get the story done
1 deviant said Something Else (Comment please)
No deviants said Someone has dream and it's interuptted by someone (Comment on what dream it is and who should have it)


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